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O elementach idiolektu w przekładzie

  1. Joanna Szerszunowicz


On elements of idiolect in translation


The focal issue of the paper is the translation of elements of the idiolect (personal dialect, individual style), i.e. language of a given language user, which is influenced by various factors, such as age, education, occupation, interests and others. The term idiolect is discussed briefly with a focus on its importance in a cross-linguistic perspective. The translation of idiolect is a complex process, the first step of which is multiaspectual analysis of the idiolect, covering phonetic, lexical, phraseological, grammatical and other characteristics. Selected elements of idiolect are discussed and exemplified with the idiolectal elements from the spoken Polish excerpts recorded by the author who interviewed ten people for the purpose of the research study on the informal spoken variety of the Polish language. Certain practical solutions proposed for the translation of some elements of idiolect, including lexemes, phraseological units and grammar structures, genres are also presented and discussed.


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22, 2011

Strony od 71 do 87

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