„Mój pierwszy raz...”, czyli o sposobach łamania tabu w czasopismach młodzieżowych

  1. Magdalena Baranowska-Szczepańska
  2. Joanna Smól


“My first time” – the ways of breaking the taboo in youth magazines


The article concerns the issues connected with the sexual taboo sphere in youth magazines. Material from such magazines as “Bravo,” “Dziewczyna,” or “Popcorn” was analysed. Their editorial staffs apply various means enabling the discussion about sex. As the most popular ones we could name euphemistic synonyms, ellipses, pronouns, circumlocutions, metaphores, metonymies, and the use of scientific terminology. Furthermore, verbal messages are complemented by visuals.


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Język a Kultura

21, 2009

Strony od 165 do 173

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