Mediatyzacja komunikacji politycznej a przekraczanie tabu językowego

  1. Janina Fras


Mediatisation of political communication and the breaking of linguistic taboo


Mediatisation allows politicians to achieve public visibility in an easier manner through breaking language taboo and not through a rational communication and linguistic co-operation (i.e. not breaking the taboo) and high quality of other political actions. Old mass media spread cases of breaking the taboo only in the case of one group of political actors, namely politicians. New media, e.g. the Internet, present an environment particularly favouring breaking political communication taboos by citizens themselves, especially in relation to hate speech and expressing insulting, depreciating judgements about politics, politicians and political opponents. It seems that negative conseqences of this phenomenon (negative vision of political activity, lowering language norms and the level of public debate) outweight the positive ones (freedom of speech and debate, prompt formation of dissenting groups).


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Język a Kultura

21, 2009

Strony od 317 do 326

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