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Wpływ potoczności na perswazję wypowiedzi Andrzeja Leppera

  1. Katarzyna Korycińska-Skóra


The influence of commonnes on persuasion of the statements by Andrzej Lepper

The purpose of the article is to describe the elements of colloquial language style, appearing in the statements of the leader of the political party Samoobrona, Andrzej Lepper, recorded during a debate with Jan Rokita, the leader of another political party Platforma Obywatelska (14/03/2004). The main goal of the research is to determine the influence of commonness on the persuasive effect. Analysis of the material confirmed that the use of everyday vocabulary and uncomplicated syntax has a huge impact on the public opinion. Through vivid, evocative language that facilitates understanding of the official texts complicated for the average Pole, Lepper reduces the distance between him and his electorate. Commonness in this case is used to implement the strategy of obtaining the favor of recipients and is a weapon in the hands of a politician.

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24, 2014

Strony od 69 do 78

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