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Jak być piękną i bogatą. Perswazyjny styl poradników chick lit na przykładzie książki Lany Biondić "Život na visokoj peti"

  1. Natalia Wyszogrodzka-Liberadzka


How to be rich and beautiful. Persuasive style of the chick-lit know-how books based on the example of Lana Biondić’s Život na visokoj peti

The paper presents the use of persuasive style in the publication referred to as a celebrity guidebook, a subspecies of the literature known as chick-lit. The picture of a modern Croatian woman created in Lana Biondić’s handbook is an interesting combination of western, progressive beliefs and the patriarchal Balkan pattern, in which the value of a woman is measured by her dedication to family and her reproductive ability. This kind of books has already appeared in the Polish literary market and in Croatia it has been present for almost a decade, arousing both the interest of common readers and the criticism of profesional writers and theoreticians.

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24, 2014

Strony od 153 do 163

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