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Co możemy wyczytać ze struktury słowa? Poszukiwania przy okazji badań diachronicznych

  1. Mariola Jakubowicz


What can be gleaned from the structure of a word?

The article discusses the causes of the disappearance of the association of derivatives with a derivational base visible during diachronic and etymological research. These may include the following:
— disappearance or asubstantial change of the form of the word which is the basis for derivation;
— change of the meaning of the derivational base or the derivative;
— disappearance of the productivity of certain word-formative mechanisms (e.g. apophony);
— disappearance of certain word-formative means, e.g. prefixes, which causes the word that arises by this means to be interpreted as anon-compound word;
— obliteration of the original structure by phonetic changes which occur at the junction of morphemes;
— change of realia.
The particular causes of the changes are illustrated by examples derived from the Polish language.

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25, 2015

Strony od 11 do 20

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