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Kulturowe uwarunkowania nazw ulic — tradycja i zmiana

  1. Krystyna Data


Cultural conditioning of street names — tradition and changes

The article deals with the problem of the cultural conditioning of street names as well as the changes in amethod and scope of onomastic research. The author discusses street names given both in the past and at present paying much attention to the specificity of the underlying basis and motivation of the choice faced. The changes of the existing names of the streets and their origins are also described. The analysis is based on the material collected among the street names in Tarnów juxtaposed with the ones in Bochnia and Dąbrowa Tarnowska. The historical perspective is helpful both in selecting certain street name types predominating in the past and at present and indicating what the changes in the names refer to.

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26, 2016

Strony od 81 do 96

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