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Nowy — stary rytuał językowy dziennikarzy sportowych

  1. Beata Grochala


A new — old language ritual of sports journalists

Sports event is akind of media event in which the audience participates both in the stadium and in front of TV screens. The master of ceremonies is ajournalist. He leads the audience through the match and the important means of ceremony is language. The article compares the ways of celebration in two games. The first is the England v. Poland match at Wembley in October 1973, ended with a1:1 draw, which gave the Poles advancment to the World Cup. The second is the historical, because first, Polish national football victory over Germany in October of 2014 at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The analysis shows, that there are no important differences between both sports commentaries.

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26, 2016

Strony od 221 do 230

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