Kategorie komunikacyjne jako wyznaczniki stylów wystąpień publicznych

  1. Renata Przybylska


Communicative categories as determinants of the styles of public speeches

The aim of the article is to distinguish the main communicative categories which influence the typological diversity of public speeches that are persuasive in character and that appear mainly in the language of politics. The author proposes the following categories: receiver of the message, sender of the message, type of interaction between the sender and the receiver, communicative situation, type of expression, degree of the axiologisation and emotionalisation of the message, aim of the speech, degree of the ceremoniality of the speech in opposition to its creativity, theme of the speech. These categories may form the basis for the typology of contemporary public speeches in the sphere of political life and may be used in defining the types of speech in public communication.

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Język a Kultura

24, 2014

Pages from 11 to 21

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